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I had an idea that i hope can bring some extra income easily.
First one is with your iphone using the app 1Q.
Basically you sign up and you’ll get one question every few hours or so
For every question answered, they send a dollar to your paypal, and 50 cents every time someone signs up using your link.
So here’s mine:

Sharing is caring so if you help me, you can help others make some easy money.

My fiverr idea is $5 for a 30-min session in which I listen to you, the customer, talk about your problems or anything you want.

If you need someone to talk to, I’m here to listen. For $5.

And if you feel like tipping, feel free. I’m doing this cause idgaf and I need the cash to pay my rent, bills, and essentially survive.

Cause fuck the system. Fuck job searching, fuck writing resumes, cover letters, and all the bs and ass kissing we have to do in order to find a decent means of living and having a family.

So if you want to find me on fiverr, my username is itchyanscratchy