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I seriously cannot stand living in this part of jersey. Everything feels so claustrophobic – there’s too many people living here, and it seems like everyone’s in a rush but when it comes to actually putting your foot on the pedal to go, they waste time by not paying attention to the green light. The traffic can get ridiculous. What normally takes about 25 minutes for me to drive to would take an additional 15-20 delay if I didn’t know how to maneuver around them or find the right shortcuts since I know the area.

it’s not just the people but the overall vibe of this place. I just feel burdened and depressed stepping foot in this state.

When I visited Ohio, it was a breath of fresh air. There was much more space, more room to breathe. I felt more relaxed and at peace there. And the people are a bit different from the ones here. They seem more relaxed and friendly as well, as if there’s nothing wrong with anything out there.

Life is good. Just not here. I feel suffocated and trapped here and I need to get away.

I’d like to live anywhere but the tri state area right now. Ohio wouldn’t be bad, and I wouldn’t mind living in the west coast neither.