Right now I’m on the bus towards my next destination to progress my military career. It still feels surreal that this day has come that I’m finally out of basic training. It was definitely the longest 8 weeks I’ve ever experienced in my life and I’m glad it’s over. But my work is not done yet. I still have to maintain the consistent effort I’ve been putting in and be better than who I was before. I’m ready to learn my job and excel at it now.

I didn’t really make that many friends in bmt but that’s ok, that’s not what I was there for. I saw people getting contact info from others but most of us come from all over the country so I didn’t see a point in getting anyone’s number unless they lived close to my state. I’ll probably just get their facebook and that’s good enough for me.

As of now I’m looking forward to having more freedom while I do my job, because before we had many restrictions such as not having our phones, internet access, contact with the outside world, and they get to tell us when to eat, when to sleep, wake up, etc. Every time we spoke to anyone of higher rank we had to say a reporting statement also. So not having all the things we were accustomed to and living differently from the civilian life definitely changed me. I feel that I’m a lot more disciplined now and I can get things done more efficiently, but there’s still room to grow.