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So no shit, there I was, at this salsa club near my apartment for the 2nd Thursday in a row. I wasn’t expecting much since not many experienced dancers come here, but if I could get a few good dances in, I’m good. As soon as I got in, I could already tell there were mostly newbies there and a couple regulars I typically see.

I’ll get to the interesting part. I just got done dancing bachata with someone, and this girl asks me to dance. I already knew she didn’t know how to salsa but I agreed anyway. I figured I could show her some basic steps and after one song, move on. I couldn’t get her to follow the basics no matter how hard I tried and didn’t even bother trying to spin her as that would be like trying too hard. Her grip was pretty tight and tried to get her to relax but no luck. Lol…anyway, the song finally ends, I’m super sweaty from dancing because that’s just how my body is, and I’m hoping to wipe it off in the bathroom. But no, she still had her grip on me and I find myself dancing with her during the next song.

Few seconds later, she starts slowing it down and decides to put her arms around my neck and getting closer to me, like she wants to get intimate on the dance floor. I let it happen and just try to dance close and see what happens. I can at least try to cool off this way and the song will be over before I knew it. She gets really close to my face and I’m like “huh?” and pull away. Then she puts her arms around my neck again to get close. Ok, maybe it’s just part of the dance, I thought. Then she asks me, “Do you want to just go somewhere and make out?”

Now I understood. I finally realized she’d been acting like she’s had a bit much to drink, which is why she was acting that way. I walked her over to her friends and asked them if she was ok, or maybe she drank too much. They tell me she’s fine and act like there’s nothing wrong. Anyway, I left her alone with them and walked away to the bathroom to wipe all the sweat off my head.

I honestly thought she was pretty but I had a feeling it was a bad idea to kiss her. Cause one, that would be cheating. It was VERY tempting, don’t get me wrong. I just thought of how it would hurt my girlfriend and how it could possibly backfire on me, so I didn’t do it. There were people there who know me and know that I’m taken, and they could get me caught. Lol…then again, I don’t think I could take advantage of a drunk girl anyway.

I did get some decent dances in and I ended up pretty sweaty at the end of the night, so it wasn’t too bad. And I got asked to dance a few times, so that’s a plus. It shows that I’m getting better. I do wish they played some Kizomba though, as I’m starting to learn it and I’ve been having fun with it. It’s an intimate dance and you can get really close with the person you’re dancing with.

It seems like every day I’m doing something, which is nice for a change. There’s always an option to go to for dancing. Tomorrow I’m going to a party in Philly, with a chance to take 4 different lessons in a row for free and dance until 2 AM. Saturday I’ll be in NYC for some salsa and bachata, and watching some people perform. Sunday I’ll be assisting in the bachata team audition and then going to rehearsal for another team afterwards.

Next Monday I’m back in NYC for a different team rehearsal. Tuesday is bachata and salsa lessons. Wednesday I can either take the martial arts lessons, or the Kizomba one in Philly and practice afterwards. Thursday I can go to that god forsaken club again or possibly Philly. Then Friday I’m back in NYC at my favorite club. And so on…I can do this shit every day literally. It’s pretty awesome.