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I finally went to this place in Philly after watching it on FB for a while. I normally go to my favorite spot in NYC but figured I should change it up tonight so I did. I got there at 8:30 to take the beginner Argentine tango lessons. To my pleasant surprise, the women outnumbered the men! What a welcome sight to see, compared to what I’ve had to deal with in NJ/NYC recently. The lessons weren’t that great, but it was enough to get me started for the time being. I did meet this one girl who I felt was a really good follow, and we were chatting instantly. After the lessons were over, I asked her to save me a dance for later and she agreed.

The next lesson was either bachata or salsa and of course you know what I chose. They had 4 separate rooms for each type of dance, which is awesome, cause I wanted to dance mostly bachata. The lesson started out kinda beginner-like at first, but the instructor added some cool stuff that I could use later so that wasn’t bad. The women outnumbered the men again, but not by much. It was still good though. After the lessons, I had a few good dances in. I really feel like that private lesson I took has been paying off. I feel a significant difference in my confidence as a dancer and my leads as a whole. Tonight I was able to dance more in an intimate way with more women than I’ve had in a while.

What kinda sucks is the fact that I sweat so freakin much. It only takes 2 songs for me to start sweating profusely that I’m typically forced to retreat to the bathroom to wipe all the sweat off my head and neck. Anyway, at some point I took a break and sat outside the bachata room for a bit, and that’s when I saw J again and we started talking. Surprisingly it lasted a while and after I got to cool off and dried enough to start fresh, we went in to dance some bachata. It was really refreshing to be able to dance with her, because the connection we had was amazing. She was pretty receptive with my leads and let me do whatever I liked. Of course I messed up a few times but we just laughed it off. I could honestly say I had some of my best dances with her and I’m pretty much feeling high from it. I wish to have that experience again. I added her on FB so hopefully we can meet up on another weekend sometime and have more dances like that.

The rest of the night ended up with me getting more dances with her and a bunch of other people. We said our goodbyes around 1:45 and I danced a couple more songs before I left. I definitely felt like I had enough practice tonight, which is awesome. Usually when I leave NYC there’s a feeling of not being satisfied, whereas tonight I did get that feeling. Tonight was so good I thought it was a Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday, where I get to assist in the bachata team audition and go to a 2-hour rehearsal for another team right after.

But no, it’s still Saturday morning and I have Saturday night dancing to do in NYC, and I actually get to see some friends perform there, which is nice. I hope I get to dance some bachata with A, since we never actually social danced before, even though I’ve danced with her in lessons multiple times. It should be interesting and fun. I think we have a pretty good connection also. I can tell she wants to dance with me and she enjoys it. And she’s also very receptive and is an amazing follow herself.

I love NYC but man, the thirst is real over there. I used to think it was good to dance there, since I get to meet some experienced dancers, but some of them are kinda stuck up and won’t dance with anyone who aren’t “on their level.” It would be nice if they had a Kizomba room open too. They have a bachata room but it’s pretty small and sometimes they play some merengue which is lame. Anyway, I’ll do what I can and see what happens. Hopefully we can dance at least one song, and maybe even two would be great.

Overall, this week I’ve been dancing pretty much every day since Sunday. If it weren’t for the snowstorm I wouldn’t have taken Friday and Saturday off.

Anyway I’m done writing now. It’s about 4 AM and I’m totally beat. My restless mind needs some sleep, so I can hopefully function tomorrow. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Those squats I’ve been doing have been paying off! I felt I had more balance and stability when doing dips and getting low when I dance real close. It was refreshing to be able to do that, so I suppose I’ll be stepping it up with my squats so I can be even better next time. And my treadmill finally came in so I’m going to be putting it up sometime this week so I can start running again and get that top PT score come July.