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I feel like I’ve finally made a REAL breakthrough. I went out social dancing tonight as usual at my new favorite spot and to my surprise, I actually had women come up to me right after a song ended, to ask me to dance. What world am I living in???? I was in total shock but very happy at the same time. All this practice has finally been paying off. I love dancing at this spot in PA. Almost every single girl I dance with enjoy dancing close with me. It could be because I’ve mostly danced in NYC and their style is a bit different from there that they think it’s refreshing. Or have I actually made real improvements in my dancing overall? I certainly felt like the man tonight. I danced with so many sexy girls, it was awesome. And the venue is just amazing. The floor is so big, there’s no way you can bump into another couple on the floor. Anyway, I’m still on a high from tonight and I can see it carrying on for the next few days. I suppose it’s a good trade off from going to Hawaii. Later tonight (it’s Saturday morning) is another social and I’m excited about it. I get to dance with my friend R and she’s so much fun. She likes to feel the music like I do and it gets pretty intense at times. I’d write more but I’m so tired that I need to sleep before the afternoon rehearsal. Peace