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All my plans for this weekend have pretty much gone out the window. This weekend is the reserve duty one but since I ‘re-scheduled’ it I thought I didn’t have to come in. Apparently I was wrong. I still have to show up since I’m on my annual tour. Because of this I had to cancel my plans to practice with G and stay over the night in NYC. I wouldn’t have gotten any sleep and I would’ve been exhausted if I had gone through with it. Instead I went home and fell asleep for hours. I pretty much spent the majority of the day and night sleeping. It felt good to be tested yet I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to dance and experience staying overnight in New York for the first time.

I’m hoping to have the opportunity next week since I’ll actually have the weekend off then. Oh yeah I have to miss 2 rehearsals tomorrow as well, so this pretty much sucks.

Thursday night I got to hang out with J at her place, watching videos and practicing a bit, although we didn’t get much done with that. It did feel awkward only because bachata is an intimate dance. But it was our first time practicing so maybe next time it will get better. I slept on the pull out bed and it was actually pretty comfy as it was memory foam. Even though I told her she didn’t have to, she still woke up early when I did and made me a sandwich for breakfast, which was nice. The weather sucked so I had to drive through some crappy snow and around crappy drivers. And I was still an hour early to work.

I am regretting the fact I signed up for my annual tour in March because the timing couldn’t be any more inconvenient. Fuck. I can’t wait for these 2 weeks to be over.