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It’s been a while since I wrote here, and I have to say I’ve been through quite a bit the past couple of weeks or so. But I’ll only focus on the more significant parts. Last night I went to the Baltimore Salsa Bachata Congress and while I only took one workshop and danced for hours, I had a great time. Finally I was able to enjoy a night where I can dance bachata for a long time without having to rotate to salsa or other music. I got to experience some really good dances also, and met/danced with some attractive girls. It was a lot of fun. There was one girl in particular I ended up really liking and she was feeling me from the start. She was one of those girls I danced with where no matter how many times we messed up, it was all good and it never felt awkward. And it was just one of those dances where you didn’t want the song to end, and stay wrapped in each other’s arms forever. It felt like being in love, honestly. I’m still feeling the high from last night that I can’t even properly describe the feeling that I had. And it wasn’t just her that I enjoyed my dances with, although I’d say the dances with her were the most pleasurable.

I’ll admit that I don’t know a lot of crazy turn patterns like some guys. To me, that doesn’t always equate to a good dance experience, cause when you’re just doing turn patterns you might as well dance salsa, since that’s what it looks like. On another end, you can be dancing close the entire time and make it look awkward cause it looks like the guy is just thirsty. To me, I try to keep it balanced between doing footwork, turn patterns, and the sensual stuff. Although I added more sensuality than usual by using a lot of eye contact and slowing the dance down and taking my time to do the moves in a way that my partner doesn’t feel like she’s being jerked around. I did dance with some girls who barely returned eye contact and I thought that was kinda annoying to deal with. Even some girls I saw who I thought were good, weren’t fun to dance with once I realized they barely made eye contact. I just like making that connection by eye contact and I feel it really helps make the song better and more enjoyable to dance to. I also found that the girls typically like the sensual stuff when it’s slow and deliberate. So maintain eye contact, a few turn patterns, keeping distance at first, get close eventually, then pull away, and come back in. Even while close I still pull back a little bit just to keep that eye contact and that’s always fun, looking at each other intimately like we’re about to kiss but we’re not.

I’m gonna have to go more of these types of events, where the venue is playing mainly bachata. I almost feel like I should start DJ’ing, cause I know exactly what’s good to play, and most DJ’s don’t have the variety of tracks that I do. I’m too tired to write anymore, I’m done.