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I’d like to write down some things that are important to me and what I’d like to achieve this year.

1. Be happy

2. Dance a lot, train, perform, and be one of the best on each team I’m in. Be really good at social dancing, meet a lot of new people, make connections.

3. Go out on dates. Have fun meeting new people, traveling and sharing new experiences.

4. My ideal woman. Pretty (who doesn’t want that?), fun to be around, have an amazing connection with on the dance floor, intensely attracted to me as I am to her, doesn’t get jealous, secure of herself, looks good without makeup, and easygoing. That seems enough. If I list any more I’ll just be way more picky than I already am.

5. Get promoted to Staff Sergeant. 

6. Get deployed.

7. Be a better person than I was yesterday and each day that passes.