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I haven’t posted anything since March 28th, so it’s almost been a month. A lot of things have happened then. And I wasn’t even thinking about posting tonight, I just couldn’t sleep. So far, things are going well. 2 of the bachata routines are wrapping up, the 3rd one is still rough and the Kizomba one is a bit delayed due to scheduling conflicts. Other than that, I’ve been really busy with dancing overall.

And the single life is good. I started talking to this girl early last week and we planned to meet in less than 2 weeks. I thought she was cool to talk to at first and she really likes me, according to how things have gone. However, I don’t feel ready to give up being single yet and I’m not really attracted to her enough to do that. And she seems to be getting the impression we’ll be in a relationship eventually. I want to let her know without hurting her feelings and also have our date and have a good time. It might be hard to do. Well, she did mention we can hang out the next day if things go well the first day. So I suppose I may not really need to tell her anything and we can just do what we wanted to do.

I keep telling myself I have to be really picky this time when it comes to being in the next relationship. I just can’t settle anymore. It makes me feel stuck and wanting more. I went to this all-day bachata event in NYC with workshops and partying all night and it was fun. I found myself meeting a lot of girls there, and while several were attractive, I did not even care to remember their names. I really just wanted to dance and get better. Of course that doesn’t mean I’d turn down a hook up, I just wouldn’t put forth a lot of effort to make it happen. I had plenty of girls asking me for dances, which was awesome too. I just wish my calves weren’t sore and that my feet weren’t killing me at the same time. I was really hurting afterwards. I even had a girl ask for my number towards the end. She was ok to dance with but she was kinda cute so why not.

As far as the quality of dances are concerned, I had a mix of good and ok ones. Of course I have to be realistic and know that most women aren’t advanced so I won’t always get those amazing dances, but I at least had some I would consider “amazing.” Speaking of amazing, there’s this one girl who I always see at bachata events in NYC, and she’s really fun to dance with because she never fails to make eye contact and is always smiling. My first dance with her that night was nothing short of amazing. It was more than I imagined it would be. She was very smooth, sensual, and thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. I asked for a second dance an hour or so later on and while she was still the same with eye contact and smiling, the vibe just wasn’t the same somehow. Like the energy had dissipated for whatever reason. I find myself with this situation at times with other girls too. Like the first meeting/dance was great, then it wasn’t so the second time. I guess it’s sort of a life metaphor. You may feel enamored with someone at first, but once you get past that “honeymoon stage,” the spark is lost. For me, I’d like to find someone who I’ll always have that “spark” with. That would be really something.

And speaking of which, I do feel I’ve met that person, and that was the girl I met in Baltimore. I actually didn’t think much of our first dance, but she really enjoyed it that she came up to me for a second dance after. And THEN that’s when I started to really enjoy dancing with her, to the point where nothing I do could be wrong, even if I messed up, and every single moment we had on the dance floor was magical. I am kinda mad she got me feeling this way though, because I never got her contact info, not even her Facebook. Well, at least the good thing is I know what to look for now.