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It’s been since April when I last posted and so much has happened, it’s ridiculous. It finally feels like all the hard work has been paying off and I’m feeling an all-time high. There’s still work to be done and I’m not ready to stop yet. But so far, let’s recap:

  1. My first performance of the year was on June 10th, then performed again 2 days later for the 2nd debut.
  2. Kizomba debut was on the 17th, then performed the sensual bachata debut on the 18th.
  3. Went to the DC Zouk Festival from Friday the 24th till the next Monday morning. Performed 2 bachata routines that Saturday and Kizomba on Sunday.
  4. Last Saturday, July 2nd, performed the sensual bachata rountine. July 3rd, my NY bachata group performed our debut. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time and my partner is really hot too. To think I was so close to quitting this group and for us to come together at the last minute when it mattered most will always stay with me. I’m extremely grateful for this experience.
  5. This past Friday, July 8th, I filled in for someone from the NY team to perform in the city. The place was packed and the crowd noise was deafening when we first entered the stage. I loved every second of it!

Some things I learned:

  1. Never drink alcohol or take any caffeine before a performance. It’s always better to stay sober as it helps me stay calm and not be so nervous. Drinking alcohol brings my mood down while drinking caffeine makes me jittery and more nervous. My intention has always been to stay hyped before a show but I found it best not to take anything and I felt more comfortable and “in the zone” while completely sober.
  2. Practice is extremely important. If I didn’t practice as much as I had during all these months, then I wouldn’t have the confidence I’d have on the dance floor/stage.
  3. Study the videos. I always hated looking at myself, but I just need to swallow my pride and suck it up. I have to do it to see where I look awkward and find ways to improve so that I look better out there.

It’s been an AMAZING experience so far and I’m so grateful for everything, to be able to meet all the people I know now, to learn something new almost every day, to get better at dancing overall, to perform with my teammates, and countless other benefits I’ve gained through these experiences. The entire month of July is booked with at least one performance every weekend. I’m filled with excitement and anticipation with each routine I get to perform.

But next weekend is going to be crazy. Busy AND crazy. For starters, I have a show with the sensual bachata group on Friday night. Then I have to wake up early the next day for reserve duty, work till 4:30 (while taking my fitness test that I NEED to pass), come home, and hopefully get some rest before our social later that night where I’m performing for 3 of the groups I’m in. 2 bachata routines and the Kizomba. It’s going to be insane having to constantly switch costumes between each performance. I don’t know how it’s going to work out but I’ll be training hard this week to make sure I can make it through.